Podcast | Leading in Adversity - Part 3: Leading out of lockdown


In this final podcast of the trilogy, we look at what will be the likely challenges of leading organisations out and back to business as usual. In the first two podcasts, we asked what defines an ‘adversity situation’ and what leadership and management techniques are needed in adversity?” In this podcast, we bring these themes together and apply them in the specific context of now – how do we lead in a time of a pandemic and the cascades of impacts that are coming with it?

We have released a trilogy of podcasts on the theme ‘Leading in Adversity’ as part of a broader effort to support our clients as they manage the myriad impacts and difficult decision making challenges of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Our aims in these sessions are to give listeners three key takeaways we think will serve as useful tools:

  1. Understanding, as a leader, how to objectively gauge when your organisation is in an adversity situation
  2. How to calibrate your leadership in times of adversity, and personal strategies for adapting to this kind of leadership
  3. How we can apply the principles of leadership in adversity to help our respective organisations through the Covid-19 crisis


Our panel is uniquely qualified to discuss these issues and draw on a wide base of experience. All have deep experience of leading in and learning from highly adverse and challenging situations, in both public and private sector contexts.

Richard Stephens is Managing Director of Dragonfly’s Security and Intelligence practice.  He is a senior leader of broad national and international experience and has worked extensively across the fields of security, risk and intelligence in both public and private sectors.

Major General Martin Smith CB MBE, is Managing Director of Cyber Prism. In a 33 year military career, Martin commanded service personnel at every rank and left the Armed Forces in January 2018 having led the UK’s 7,000 Royal Marines as their Commandant General.

Professor Andrew Macleod is a leader in commercial, financial, academic, diplomatic and humanitarian fields. Andrew chairs Griffin Law and co-founded its award-winning Ethical Litigation business lines. He sits on the board of Burnham Global Security and the Audit and Risk Committee of The Dragonfly.


Henry Wilkinson is director and head of intelligence and analysis in our Security & Intelligence practice at The Dragonfly.


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