SIAS Geopolitical intelligence for security decision makers

Actionable intelligence for corporate security, risk analysis and crisis risk management specialists

SIAS is a strategic, operational and tactical intelligence service used by many of the world’s leading business, international organisations, NGOs and public bodies as their essential security intelligence solution.

Our experts deliver relevant intelligence that is all-source, corroborated, analysed, filtered and vividly presented to give our clients confidence to advance their agendas, plan with precision and sustain their competitive advantage.

Dragonfly’s SIAS clients are stakeholders who enjoy direct access to our team and play an active role in our intelligence cycle, shaping coverage to ensure they get the most from their investment with us.



Our emphasis on authentic, grounded intelligence means our international network of human sources become an extension of our clients’ decision-making capabilities.


Through our responsiveness, we enhance our clients’ capabilities, we encourage SIAS users to play an active role in our intelligence cycle, through interaction with our analysts and at regular briefings.


SIAS reports fuse operational ground level reporting with strategic level assessments, so our customers are fluent with events as they unfold, reducing the risk of strategic surprise in the future.


Workflow optimised

We prioritise security intelligence for our clients, so they only receive timely information and don’t have their inboxes deluged with unimportant or late reports.    

Early warning and forecasting

We put clients ahead of the news cycle so they can anticipate risks and enable proactive threat management.

Market leading risk rating systems

We provide the most comprehensive threat and risk rating system for security and crisis management.

Access to analysts

SIAS clients have direct access to our analysts to get briefed, get answers to questions and get the intelligence and analysis support they need.

API integration

SIAS data can be integrated into third party applications for use in visualisation, geospatial analysis, asset risk profiling, data analysis and a host of other use cases.

Human & primary sources

We continually develop contacts around the world who can provide us with unique insights and ground truth perspectives.

  • SIAS provides us with succinct and insightful assessment. Their analytical material is carefully sourced, accurate, timely and relevant – meeting our global requirements and helping us make the right decisions for our customers.
  • SIAS provides succinct, timely insight in a world where the security threat landscape is constantly changing and dynamic. We find that we can rely on Dragonfly’s analysis to include on-the-ground perspectives and sources.
  • The most useful aspect of the SIAS service is the analytical support. It is great to be able to contact the team directly with specific questions.
  • SIAS has proved to be innovative, timely, relevant and thorough.

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