Webinar | Navigating supply chain risks


Join us for a webinar looking at how multinational companies can best manage supply chain risk. We will consider how you can position your organisation for growth as supply chains evolve to ever greater levels of complexity.

From trade wars with China to pandemic disruptions to the consequences of the war in Ukraine, global supply chains have faced major challenges and undergone massive shifts over the past several years.

Supply chains will need to rebalance from a focus on efficiency, speed, and cost, to a more risk-oriented design that provides more buffers, flexibility, and responsiveness to pressures across a range of jurisdictions and stakeholders.

This webinar brings together leading experts from the sister companies in the FiscalNote Global Intelligence division, including Dragonfly’s Head of Advisory, Cvete Koneska, Martina Bozadzhieva, Chief Research Officer at our sister company FrontierView, and Josh Haecker, Head of Product for FiscalNote Global Intelligence.

Our specialists will cover:

  • How to ensure stability and security as supply chains grow
  • CASE STUDY: How FiscalNote uses AI to identify real-time risks that could impact your supply chain
  • Prioritizing mitigation efforts to ensure business continuity
  • Deepening your vendor and partner assessment beyond 3rd party risk

This webinar will take place on Wednesday, 30 August at 1600hrs London / 1700hrs Paris / 1100hrs New York / 2000hrs Dubai. There will also be an opportunity for you to pose questions to our panel.

Image: Container boxes in warehouse in shipping port. Photo by Anucha Sirivisansuwan via Getty Images.

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