Webinar | Colombia: Prospects for a lasting peace


Dragonfly is hosting a webinar looking at Colombia’s evolving security landscape.

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The Colombian government’s efforts under President Gustavo Petro to broker peace with Colombia’s armed groups have yielded some positive results. But given divisions within Colombia’s numerous armed groups, prospects for a lasting peace deal are extremely unlikely this year, and probably beyond. As we approach the end of Petro’s first year in office, we will take stock of how Colombia’s security outlook will evolve into 2024 and beyond.

In this webinar, we will cover: 

  • The repercussions of Colombia’s peace policy on the ELN (National Liberation Army), the Gulf Clan and other key armed groups
  • The potential implications if the dialogue between the Colombian government and the ELN collapses (a probable scenario)
  • What the bilateral relationship between Colombia and Venezuela means for trade, regional relations and security along their shared border

The webinar will take place on Thursday, 13 July 2023 at 1630hrs London / 1730hrs Paris / 1130hrs New York / 1930hrs Dubai and it will include an opportunity for you to pose questions to our panel.

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Colombian President Gustavo Petro (2-R) and members of the armed forces attend the change of command ceremony in Bogota on 9 May 2023. Photo by Raul Arboleda/AFP via Getty Images.

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