Webinar | Beyond Tomorrow: A Three-Step Process to Future-Proof Your Business


Planning 10 or 20 years ahead is essential for your organisation’s resilience, especially in such a volatile geopolitical environment. But over such a long time, the range of possible events is almost endless; how can you ensure that your expectations are both realistic and useful?

In this webinar, FiscalNote’s advisory specialists will explore how to use scenarios to mitigate long-term risk and prepare to seize new opportunities. We will share a three-step process for building scenarios that genuinely challenge linear thinking and help you prepare for an uncertain future.


  • Why your organisation needs to plan a decade or more ahead
  • Why scenario-building is the most appropriate methodology for long-term planning
  • The three-step process any organisation can use to ensure long-term scenarios are both relevant and useful for strategic planning
  • How long-term scenarios differ from short-term scenarios
  • CASE STUDY: How a financial services organisation in the Gulf rethought its positioning with the aid of 4 sector-specific scenarios

This webinar will take place on Tuesday, 28 November at 1100hrs New York / 1600hrs London / 1700hrs Paris / 2000hrs Dubai, and it will include an opportunity for you to pose questions to our panel.

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