Briefing | War of attrition in Ukraine and Europe: 2023 Outlook


Dragonfly is hosting a Strategic Outlook 2023 briefing looking at the conflict in Ukraine and what lies ahead for Europe.

Nearly a year after the Russian invasion, the conflict in Ukraine is at a crossroads. Neither Russia nor Ukraine appears capable of achieving a decisive military breakthrough, yet a peace deal remains as unlikely as ever. Instead, both sides appear to be gearing up for a long, attritional war that will continue to reverberate across and shape the wider continent.

In this briefing, which will draw on our comprehensive Strategic Outlook 2023 forecast for the region, we’ll provide up-to-date assessments of:

  • How the conflict in Ukraine is likely to progress this year
  • The implications of the war for business and other operations in Russia
  • Whether President Putin’s position is weakened
  • How the conflict will continue to shape geopolitical risks across Europe
  • Which key indicators for instability in our Strategic Outlook are already coming to pass

The briefing will include an opportunity for you to pose questions to our panel.

Date: Thursday, 9 February
Time: 0800hrs PST | 1100hrs EST | 1600hrs GMT | 1700hrs CET

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