Briefing | Ukraine: What next?


The conflict in Ukraine has seemingly settled into a war of attrition in the east, but the knock-on tactical, operational and strategic risks for businesses are now only beginning to play out. Even as some organisations have an eye on returning to Kyiv, the ongoing conflict continues to leave large parts of the country off-limits for business operations. And the West’s wide-reaching sanctions regime has changed the strategic calculation for firms that previously operated or did business in Russia.

So where does this leave us now? In this briefing, we will outline four scenarios for how the conflict could play out. And we will touch on how these would affect organisations with an interest in operations in Ukraine and Russia. 

We will also discuss the strategic implications of the conflict: how will Russia’s isolation affect the global strategic environment? Has this changed the world order? And what will this mean in the years to come? We will conclude with a Q&A where attendees will be able to pose questions to our panel. 

We look forward to you joining. Places are limited and preference will be given to Dragonfly clients.

Date: Friday 13 May
Time: 0900hrs EDT | 1400hrs BST | 1500hrs CEST

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