Briefing | Political and security outlook for US midterms


The midterms on 8 November will be a key test for America’s political system ahead of the next presidential election in 2024. A series of polarising Supreme Court decisions has exacerbated political tribalism ahead of the polls, and raised a sense of urgency among some voters. And claims about electoral fraud are already circulating online, with some candidates laying the groundwork to reject outcomes if they lose. All this has raised questions about whether we can expect a 2020-like crisis around the midterms, and what the outlook is for 2024. 

In this briefing, our experts will give their political and security outlooks for the midterms. We will discuss early-warning indicators and triggers for protests, violence or disruption around the polls. And drawing on our monitoring of extremist and activist channels, we will outline potential hotspots and hot-button issues. The panel will also look forward to the 2024 elections, discussing how the outcome of the midterms will shape our outlook. We will conclude with a Q&A where clients can pose questions to the panel.

We look forward to you joining. Places are limited and preference will be given to Dragonfly clients.

Date: Thursday 13 October
Time: 0800hrs PDT | 1100hrs EDT | 1600hrs BST 

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