Briefing | Overcoming the noise: How to identify the threats that really matter


The volume of information shared across the open, deep and dark web only increases daily, and the risk of paralysis through analysis is real. Without a clear intelligence-gathering methodology, you lose the opportunity to react to the threats that matter. 

Join us for an expert briefing where we will share three key principles that will allow you to sift through big data more effectively, saving time, money and resource and enabling you to filter down to the threats that matter most to your organisation. 

You will learn critical ways to improve your own workflow. And our intelligence professionals will also share their own experiences leveraging information from the deep and dark web, and lessons learned from working closely with our clients. 

This session will be led by Michael Lubieszko, Associate Director for Protective Intelligence, and Megan Campbell, Associate Intelligence Analyst, and will cover: 

  • The easiest way to shift your focus from hostile actors who shout the loudest towards the threats that really matter when protecting your organisation 
  • The most effective way to structure your collection to detect threats sooner, reducing your workload later
  • How to incorporate information from the deep and dark web to inform intelligence-driven decision-making
  • Why you must have a hybrid approach of human agency and automated systems
  • The most important lessons on threat-hunting that our Protective Intelligence team has learned working with our corporate clients 

The briefing will include an opportunity for you to pose questions to our panel.

Please note that places are limited and preference will be given to Dragonfly clients.

Date: Wednesday, 29 March
Time: 1100hrs EST | 1600hrs BST | 1700hrs CET | 1900hrs GST

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