Briefing | Latin America: Anticipating the next bout of civil unrest


A prolonged period of widespread civil unrest is the most likely crisis scenario for organisations operating in Latin America or the Caribbean this year. The conditions for such an eventuality are ripe in much of the region. Global economic conditions, driven in part by the war in Ukraine, are sustaining already-high levels of hardship in Latin America. Many governments there are deeply unpopular, and they are likely to struggle to mitigate the impact of such hardship on their populations.

In this briefing, our panel of analysts will give their view on where these drivers for unrest are being felt most in the region, the particular countries we are paying particular focus on currently, and what triggers for a period of crisis we are looking out for. We will also provide our forecasts and the likelihood of a crisis around upcoming presidential elections in Brazil and Colombia. The briefing will also include an opportunity for attendees to pose questions to our panel. 

We look forward to you joining. Places are limited and preference will be given to Dragonfly clients.

Date: Friday 27 May
Time: 1100hrs EDT | 1200hrs BRT | 1600hrs BST

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