Terrorism & Political Violence Risk Map 2021

We are pleased to announce that our partner, Aon, has launched its annual Terrorism & Political Violence Risk Map.


This is the fourteenth year that the team at Dragonfly (formerly Risk Advisory’s Intelligence & Analysis practice) has partnered with Aon to produce the Terrorism & Political Violence Risk Map by providing source data and expert analysis.

The country risk ratings draw heavily on proprietary data and represent the joint assessments of Dragonfly and Aon. The map and its supporting analysis aims to provide a global overview of exposure to insurable political violence risks for businesses and their supply chains in 2021.

The coronavirus crisis both suppressed and aggravated terrorism and political violence risks in 2020. We saw marked variances in the incidence of violent risks and conflicts in nearly every region. A rising tide of risk seems likely by 2022 as mass vaccinations and an easing of restrictions converge with the accumulated economic and political fallout of the pandemic.

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Key Findings

  • 32 risk score changes from last year
  • The number of countries and territories facing some degree of terrorism or sabotage risk has fallen to 45%
  • In most regions, a single country or a small number of countries and territories account for a significant majority of terrorist incidents recorded in that region
  • North Africa has the highest proportion of countries facing some degree of terrorism or sabotage risk
  • Over 60% of countries or territories are at risk of some form of civil commotion in  2021
  • Just under two-fifths of countries and territories face some exposure to risks associated with insurrection or war
  • The US risk level is at high for the first time ever
  • Eurasia has the highest proportion of countries facing exposure to risks associated with insurrection or war

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