Strategic Outlook 2020 - The new political risks

Strategic Outlook 2020 - The New Political Risks - a global forecast for those whose decisions and responsibilities hinge upon geopolitical and strategic security risks.

Strategic Outlook 2020 is Dragonfly Intelligence’s sixth annual forecast for security and intelligence leaders in global businesses, governments and international organisations. 

The Outlook conveys the joint assessments of Dragonfly Intelligence’s regional and thematic intelligence analysts. It contains more than 300 forecasts on a range of issues relevant to security, crisis and geopolitical risk across every region.

Intended to be a practical working document, the Outlook also provides early warning indicators to watch through 2020. It flags outliers to challenge assumptions and encourage anticipation of higher-impact surprise events. And it provides thematic analysis across different regions to help readers interpret and predict intentions, actions and outcomes in 2020.

Produced primarily for Dragonfly Intelligence’s Security Intelligence & Analysis Service (SIAS) clients, the Outlook is essential reading for anyone concerned with and making decisions about geopolitical and security risks and how to manage them.

Summary - Who should read the Strategic Outlook?

A comprehensive outlook for decision-makers

The Strategic Outlook is primarily for those tasked with managing risks in global corporations. Our Security Intelligence and Analysis Service (SIAS) presents security and crisis-related forecasts that give clarity on the current geopolitical landscape.

The Strategic Outlook 2019 contains
  • Regional forecasts:  A thematic analysis for each region covering a range of security and crisis-related forecasts to help the reader form plans, conceive their own predictions, and highlight requirements for ongoing intelligence and assessment.
  • Monitoring points, risk levels and trends:  These serve as early warning indicators and ‘trigger points’ for crisis plans. They allow the reader to see what the prevailing risks are now and where these are headed.
  • Outliers:  Possible outcomes in the coming year that we think could prove to be surprising. We offer these to test assumptions and biases, and flag risks that sit on the outer edge of probability, but are plausible and consequential enough to merit further thought.
An insight into our Strategic Intelligence & Analysis Service (SIAS)

SIAS provides global businesses and international organisations with a protective and strategic intelligence capability. SIAS delivers actionable, forward-looking intelligence for security and crisis management decision making, planning and operations. Find out more about SIAS.

Strategic Outlook editions

The Strategic Outlook has been running for a number of years. Please take a look at our other editions to see how they compare;

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