Learn more about the Security Intelligence and Analysis Service (SIAS)

If you are overwhelmed by alerts for real-time events and struggle to sift through the noise to identify business-critical intelligence, we invite you to explore the Security Intelligence & Analysis Service (SIAS) together with one of our specialists.


The SIAS subscription – which is designed specifically for security professionals – informs you of high-consequence events that affect your security operations. It includes our intelligence reports, risk maps, risk ratings, country dossiers, Terrorism Tracker database and more.

The reports are unique because:

  • They are prioritised. We don’t overload you with information you don’t need but send only business-critical, relevant intelligence so you can see immediately what matters
  • They are forward-looking. Telling you what’s happening right now is too late. Our intelligence is anticipatory, so you can plan and mitigate risks proactively
  • They add essential context. We never just tell you what’s happening but always help you understand why it’s happening and its potential implications for business – helping you understand “so what, why now and what next.”

Would you like to learn more about SIAS and how it can help your organization? Get in touch with our specialists today and we’ll be happy to help.

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