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Like many of our clients, you’ll no doubt be thinking about how to get your business back on the road post Covid-19, whilst also figuring out how corporate security is going to look in these ‘new normal’ conditions.

We’ve been through our own processes and would like to share a series of useful reference materials that we have used along the way, in the form of a Business Recovery Toolkit. A reminder that we view security as spanning the physical, personnel and digital environments, so there will be something useful for the whole business.

This practical toolkit looks to address four key areas, to give you actionable takeaways that your business will benefit from – these are; Leadership, Risk Management, Intelligence, and a Legal perspective.

There will be further updates of the toolkit as more resources are made available, so please come back again. We are always on hand to provide more help and advice or if you require immediate assistance, please get in touch +44 20 3073 9021 or use the form below:


Leadership is always important, arguably never more so than at times such as these where so much is unknown yet people crave direction.

In this section you can listen to a three-part panel podcast on leadership in adversity, which distils a huge amount of experience and best practice from our expert panelists who between them have faced down numerous, significant adverse situations. There is also a policy checklist which requires input from around the boardroom table, along with lessons identified which is also of note.

For those less familiar, there is a handy guide on dealing with hostile media and media-messaging.

 Policy checklist
 Lessons identified
 Dealing with hostile media
 Protective security risk audit
 Rapid insider risk assessment
 Risk assessment guide – Thinking the Unthinkable
 Cyber-secure checklist

Risk Management

Security is a key business consideration, which often does not have a dedicated resource. Our checklist provides the key elements of a holistic protective security audit, to help you identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses.

We also give some guidance on a rapid insider risk assessment, outlining how to reduce your vulnerability to what could be a significant problem.

Risk assessments are important as they form an integral part of an occupational health and any safety management plan. They help create awareness of hazards and risk and identify who may be at risk. These guidance documents aim to help build an understanding from the strategic through to the operational context.

You will find some practical advice on checking that your organisation is as cyber-secure as it should be, which is particularly relevant with new dispersed working practices.

Legal perspective

Legal risk is ever-present for most businesses. In this section we align some legal opinion with common threat areas, to help you arrive at more granular and effective solutions.

Cyber security is currently a hot topic, but there is a risk that by concentrating exclusively on the external threat, many companies overlook a real danger within their business – insider threat.

 Insider threat – A legal perspective
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Early into the coronavirus pandemic we created a web page dedicated to Covid-19 which contains a plethora of useful information. Of particular note is a link through to the Covid-19 Risk Portal, which provides a daily feed of pandemic-relevant intelligence which in turn enables better decision making.

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