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If you are overwhelmed by alerts for real-time events and struggle to sift through the noise to identify business-critical intelligence, we invite you to explore the Security Intelligence and Analysis Service (SIAS) together with one of our specialists, in a one-to-one demo.

The SIAS subscription service – which is designed specifically for security professionals – informs you of high-consequence events which affect your security operations. The reports are unique because:

  • They are prioritised. We don’t overload you with information you don’t need, but send only business-critical, relevant intelligence so you can see immediately what matters
  • They are forward-looking. Telling you what’s happening right now is too late. Our intelligence is anticipatory, so you can plan and mitigate risks proactively
  • They add essential context. We never just tell you what’s happening but always help you understand why it’s happening and its potential implications for business – helping you understand “so what, why now and what next.”

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