Book your Business Enablement Discovery Session

Would you like to do more to help your organisation grow during these challenging times but are not sure where to start? If so, we’re delighted to offer you a Business Enablement Discovery Session with our head of advisory services, Cvete Koneska.


During this 1-to-1 session, which is complimentary to SIAS subscribers, we will discuss ways in which your security or risk team can add significant value to your company by supporting its strategic aims and enabling business, thereby making your function more resilient to economic pressures.

Together we will:

  • Review how you currently help business growth and manage risk to identify key gaps and suggest potential solutions
  • Start identifying opportunities for you to support your company’s strategic aims with intelligence
  • Discuss how you can become a business enabler even when resources are limited and budgets are under threat
  • Show you the most effective ways to use horizon-scanning to spot emerging risks as the economic and geopolitical landscape becomes more complex
  • Explore how you can use strategic intelligence to engage with your board and senior leadership and input into conversations about the future of your business

At the end of the session, we will also explain how we can help you enable business through our advisory service. If this is of interest, we’ll discuss next steps.

And if you prefer to follow the steps we’ve outlined yourself, we’ll still leave you with excellent advice on how to add significant value to your business.

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