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Our new brand

A symbol of transformation The dragonfly is emblematic of our unique intelligence service: bold, vivid, precise and focused

Dragonfly vision is markedly superior to human sight. With 360° views, a much broader colour spectrum and an ability to see the world in slow motion the dragonfly exemplifies the benefits of our intelligence services.

Our new brand 1

Dragonfly vision

Whether scanning for threats or seeking opportunities, the purpose of intelligence is to provide an edge. By anticipating risk and forewarning of danger, good intelligence feeds proper planning and better decision-making. It is easy to be overwhelmed by volume of information and lose sight of priorities as a result. Precisely crafted intelligence cuts through the noise, focuses on what matters and supports actionable outcomes.

We chose the dragonfly as a our marque because it possess exactly these qualities of focus and exactitude. With exceptional vision, a hunting dragonfly can precisely lock on to its target and track it in slow motion, striking with success rate of 95%. Meanwhile it continues to scan its surroundings with three additional simple eyes. The Dragonfly logo represents the incredible capability and beauty of the dragonfly's eyes.

Our new brand 2

Dragonfly diversity

Dragonflies are breathtaking creatures that display a myriad of iridescent and metallic colours. But their whimsical beauty belies their effectiveness as implacable hunters. Despite their fine and delicate bodies, their wings possess 20 times the power of other insects. During their nymphal stage they operate below the surface of the water, but when they emerge they are truly spectacular.

Like dragonflies, we bring colour and clarity. Intelligence is rarely black and white. We understand that precise and vivid presentation is often as important as the intelligence itself. Like dragonflies, we spend much of our time beneath the surface. Like dragonflies, we combine craft and precision with power and strength. And like dragonflies we see everything but focus on the essential.