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Company Overview

A security intelligence service for the world’s leading organisations See the world in slow motion

Dragonfly brings a new vision for geopolitical intelligence, built upon two decades of experience and a commitment to forward-looking, focused, inspirational and action-oriented analysis

Company Overview 1

Dragonfly is the new name for Risk Advisory's former Intelligence & Analysis practice

In July 2021, Risk Advisory launched Dragonfly as a standalone business with a new brand and a vision to transform how organisations use and exploit security and geopolitical intelligence and data. Dragonfly is all about helping our clients to keep safe the things they prize the most- their people and assets- while forging ahead with their business objectives.

As well as a new identity, we have the agility, dynamism and singular focus of a start up, but we come with 20 years of expertise and experience, and a track record of consistently delivering results. Dragonfly retains the same leadership, people, capabilities, products and services, partnerships, global client base, and market reach as it had at Risk Advisory. And of course, we also bring with us the same commitment to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, ethics, quality and client service. 

We look forward to continuing the great partnerships we have with our loyal clients, as well as to building new working relationships in the future.

Company Overview 2

Market defining services

Since 2011 our flagship Security Intelligence & Analysis Service (SIAS) has redefined standards in intelligence used by corporate security and crisis management professionals. SIAS enables our clients to see ahead, anticipate danger and plan with precision. SIAS is used by many of the world's leading business, international organisations, NGOs and public bodies as their essential security intelligence solution. 

Our TerrorismTracker database is the critical dataset and knowledge base for terrorism analysis and threat assessment. 

Our advisory services deliver unique solutions to each client. We are the first port of call when excellence is required, from bespoke intelligence collection assignments to embedded intelligence professionals; from designing solutions to transform enterprise risk management, to enabling clients to exploit data and intelligence in novel ways that give them first-mover advantage.

Company Overview 3

The Dragonfly brand

The dragonfly is emblematic of the qualities and characteristics that define us as a unique intelligence business. It is a cross-cultural symbol of future change, transformation and adaptability. With 360° vision, it sees the world in slow motion, imbuing it with the advantages of anticipation and precision.

The dragonfly is at once elegant, agile, powerful and vividly engaging, as are the hallmarks we strive for in all our work. Like our namesake, we promise to be bold and singularly focused on our objective of delivering the very best in everything we do.